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In 1973, a handful of Sikhs living in Miami-Fort Lauderdale area gathered as Sikh Sangat for the first time and conceptualized the need for a Gurudwara Sahib in the area.

Sikhs and non-Sikhs volunteered their homes for the monthly deewans. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s annual prakash utsavs were celebrated with enthusiasm in bigger places rented from colleges and universities.

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Sikhism is a monotheistic religion founded during the 15th century in the Punjab region, on the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and ten successive Sikh Gurus (the last teaching being the sacred text Guru Granth Sahib Ji).

Sikh Ceremonies

After the birth of a child, the mother and the child, when in good health, go to the Gurdwara with their relatives and friends for the naming ceremony. 'Ardas' is recited and the 'Hukam' read.Click here to learn more.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji History

He was considered as the founder of new religion i.e. Sikhism and was the first Guru of Sikhs. He was a great Indian spiritual leader who believed in harmony and meditation in the name of the divine soul. His teachings and his way of devotion to the almighty were different from others and people of all religions respect him and his teachings. He was the one who spread the message of humanity and mankind at a time when everyone was focusing on spreading their religion. He talked about women and their rights and equality. He was a great scholar but still used local languages to spread his message among the people while he journeyed in all four directions. His teachings did not die with him but passed to further generations through his successor and his teachings are now included in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji which is a holy book of Sikhs that contains all the teachings of Sikh Gurus and other spiritual leaders as well.

He was born in the year 1469 in “Rai Bhoe Ki Talwandi” on 15th April. This place was part of India by then but now it is known as Nankana Sahib which is located in the territories of today’s Pakistan. Guru Nanak Dev Ji birth place is near Lahore. Every year the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji is celebrated on full moon day in the month of Katak i.e. October – November. It falls on different dates every year and is celebrated by all the Sikhs around the world.


The name of his father was Mehta Kalu who worked as a village accountant and belonged to the Khatri caste and the name of his mother was Tripta who was very simple and a religious woman. He had an elder sister namely Nanki who loved his younger brother a lot. He was an extraordinary child from his childhood and his teachers and elders used to be astounded with his level of knowledge, understanding, and rational thinking on all matters , especially the spiritual ones. In his growing age only, he used to question the prevailing rituals of the society and even refused to participate in such rituals and religious activities and he also questioned casteism and the practice of idolatry. Even he refused to put the sacred thread on the ” Upanayana ritual”. Besides this, he was very intelligent and by the age of 16 only he learned many languages such as Sanskrit, Persian, Hindi, etc.


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Yoga’s Practice of “Giving Back”

Dakshina is an ancient tradition of those who practice yoga, and it is a display of generosity – a private contribution to the financial support of the teacher and their teachings.

When we experience a pure inner impulse caused by a higher purpose to help others, to express our unconditional gratefulness, it is called Dakshina. We are being guided by our feelings, and, in this case, the amount we give is irrelevant as long as we gain our own true Self.


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